ONLINE EDUCATION IN INDIA : A Government of India Initiative

In India education is always a priority. It’s always given more respect than any other work. Parents began investing for their child before the child is born. That’s the reason why today Indians are among the most successful personalities in the world. Today % Indian are among the top executives successfully running multinational companies. The main reason for this is the domestic competition that students face among each other.

It is made clear to them that they have to compete with the world in order to achieve something in their life. And with such competition it becomes a challenge for the institution to provide them opportunities and platform for quality education.

There are variety of institution opened up in the country that offers education claiming that they are the best. Among them one more platform has emerged out as the cheap and reliable the online education concept and now a day it has gained a lot of popularity among the students.

In this section, down below we are going to learn about variety of opportunities that are available online and their pros and cons.


With is upcoming of digital India everything a being digitalized even education. Before digitalization there were still a variety of websites available that offered some online educational stuffs but after digitalization it has increased in a dramatic way. Various fresh websites have been opened and aims to provide free quality material online.

Other kind of websites that are getting limelight today is the websites offering coaching online basically for the engineering and medical related fields. Engineering and medical department are the famous career goals so the majority of websites are engineering or medical oriented. They provide guidance for cracking JEE and NEET (highest degree exam for selection in best colleges around INDIA) series of exams.

Another flavor of educational websites that are in business today are the websites offering guidance for CBSE & ICSC boards. Like , They provide free news for Rajasthan government jobs and some sites providing ncert solutions for helping students. Students needs to clear the 12th board exam before he/she can go for engineering or medical field. If needed the students can go to these sites for solutions or for downloading e-books. (NCERT is the name of the series of study material that is made mandatory for secondary education in India by the Government Of INDIA).

They offer the advantage of providing the most diverse and authentic collection of study material in one place and of course free of costs. Students love these websites and another advantage is that students can ask for quick improvement in the material. And the way in which the website masters responds becomes the key that decides the popularity of the website. If there is some mistake or if the material needs some amendment they can may ask for improving it. They may ask for adding new material to the treasury.

The biggest disadvantage is that the they are virtual and many people don't like reading virtual books. SO if you want free material you may go online.
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