Different Nursing Careers in Doctor’s Offices

You will find that there are a variety of nursing careers that you can pursue if you’re looking to work in a doctor’s office. It is wise to research into the nursing field to see which of them you would fit into the best. You can find a variety of schools that offer nursing programs. If you are looking for a reliable and well paying career field, you very well should get into a nursing position. From there, you can continue your education to rise up in the industry to higher positions and high salaries.

Family Nursing: In this field, you will be working with patients that are newborns all the way up to the elderly. You will be dealing with patients in all age groups. If this sounds interesting and like something you can do for a living, then you can search for programs that will prepare you to enter into this field. You will have to learn about drawing blood, checking vital signs, educating patients and performing other clerical duties.
Pediatrics : Working in a pediatric doctor’s office, you will be working with patients that are newborns and older children, up until they turn 18. In some offices, you will be treating patients until they turn 21. Some of the duties you would have in this field include checking the vital signs of patients and administering shots. You will have to have a great deal of patience and feel comfortable dealing with infants.
Urgent Care: Another nursing field you can work in includes urgent care. In this nursing career, you will be working with patients that are in need of urgent care, such as within the emergency room. You can also work within walk-in clinics that are equipped to deal with non-emergency situations. Working within the ER, you will have unpredictable hours and will need to have a lot of knowledge of different things in the medical field.
Health Risks in Nursing Careers: You will find that entering into a nursing career may be a great option for you if you enjoy helping the sick and injured. You will be working for long hours helping patients that are in pain. You will have to have patients, sympathy and commitment to work in the nurse industry. There are health risks associated with working in this field, so you will have to take them into consideration before you begin working.
Fatigue: One health risk that you can suffer within a nursing career is fatigue. When you are working long hours you have the chance of becoming fatigued, which could lead to other health conditions and problems. Some could even get into a car accident after working late at night on a long shift.
Hazards: You have the chance of getting exposed to infectious diseases and a variety of other health hazards, so you will need to keep this in mind as well.
Back Injuries: Between 35 and 80 percent of the nurses within the health care industry have reported injuring their back while working. Some injuries are treatable and become cured, while others become permanently injured.
Infections: There is the chance that you can get cut while working as a nurse. You deal with various sharp utensils including needles. You could become infected by blood-borne pathogens that can be passed along through various objects.
Exposure to Chemicals: There are various medicines, cleaning materials and medicines that you could be exposed to that can be inhaled or absorbed by your skin. It is possible that these exposures can last over a long period of time, posing you with health risks.
Stress: You will be dealing with a  lot of patients that have been involved in car accidents or patients that are violent. Dealing with overwhelming environments can evolve to post traumatic stress disorder. It can cause flashbacks and problems with mental and behavioral states of the mind.

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